In The Light Artistry has a unique fund raising opportunity for you and your organization. 

Contact us today and let us create a beautiful painting for you to sell in your fund raising efforts. If you have a church group or civic organization we can help raise those funds needed. Maybe you have an old historical structure like an old courthouse of church building we can capture for that one of a kind painting. These are museum quality prints your organization will be offering to sale and with each one sold In The Light Artistry will donate a portion of that sale back to you. Each one of our prints come with its own certificate of authenticity, customers know they are getting the highest quality print available.

So Why, Giclee you ask? The archival inkjet printmaking process has been perfected to a high level of quality and affordability that cannot be matched by any other process in the market. Using this technique it allows us to reach out and offer our art to a broader collectors base. Giclee prints have a longevity of reaching 100+ years therefor providing our collectors a lifetime of enjoyment and beyond. 

We have partnered with a local company to offer our high quality prints, called giclees. The color in our giclees is identical to the original pieces and the quality is stunning. The paper/canvas that we offer is hand selected for weight and texture for each painting so that the finished piece is the most perfect match to the original painting that it can be. In The Light Artistry takes pride in partnering with you on your fund raising efforts as we paint memories together. 

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